Leverage Big Data for Content Recommendation and Digital Marketing Automation
Data-Driven Digital Marketing

Products and Services

Marketing Assistant

Our Marketing Assistant uses data science and artificial intelligence (AI) to find high-value contents for ad copies and social media posts. Key performance indicators are fed back to the Assistant, to continuously improve and optimize its performance.

Lead Generation

Our social media experts promote your brand while saving you time. Lead generation services include content curation and building relationships with influencers.


We help you to get started with do-it-yourself digital marketing. In our training, we explain distinct features of different social networks and how to best communicate on these platforms. Finally, we teach you how to use our AI-powered Marketing Assistant to optimize digital marketing efforts.


We are a technology company that develops AI solutions for digital marketing. We complement our technology with human-powered marketing services including social media management and training. Our goal is to augment human expertise with AI to provide the best digital marketing solutions within your budget.

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